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"Start of the Gods"

Astria, once existed as a single star in the universe, watched over planets, protecting them from any possible destructive force. These special types of stars looked like any other one you'd see in the night sky but were actual living beings with what humans would consider as "god-like" abilities. One planet, in particular, she became fond of, was Earth. She admired the diverse beings that lived on it, so she decided to give herself a new appearance through her powers to walk among these creatures. Her new form was mainly modeled after a particular species she enjoyed the most, the canine. She gave her a large wolf-like body, with antennae, saber teeth, and a tail comprised of stars.

She enjoyed watching the humans build all sorts of tools, devices, societies and seeing their close bond with their canine companions. Watching this caused an idea to come to her mind, she wanted to try to make a new species of her own. One that combined both man and canine. A shape-shifting race. She first wanted to see if she could even create new life, to begin with. Since she adored the canine creatures, so she used them as a basis for her first steps into creating life. She first decided to make other stars a physical being like her.

Her first attempt, which she named Grey due to their slate gray fur, came to life. They were very timid, and were very obedient to Astria, following out any order she gave them. They were swift, their movements mimicked the way comets flew throughout the sky. For that, they earned the title of Carrier of the Comets.

Her second attempt, who she named Pitch, due to his pitch black fur, came to life. He was a bit more rebellious than his counterpart, but had more of a bold and authoritative personality. His cold and mysterious personality intimidates folks, which gained him the title of Shadow of the Moon.

Her third and final attempt was Burgundy because of his dull reddish fur color. He was reckless, which caused Astria and the other two subordinates nothing but anguish and annoyance. His very volatile and dangerous behavior gained him the title of Wrath of the Sun.

"The Spiral"

The newly formed three were assigned to assist Astria in helping to create and maintaining her new race. After several tries trying to perfect it, the Hunderian race was created. They flourished for the next several decades, but this would not last for long. The humans grew weary of the Hunderians, unsure of their origins since it looked as though they just appeared out of nowhere, causing wars with them that raged on for the next couple hundred years. This crushed Astria's heart, who had hoped that they could have lived together in harmony for the centuries to come. This, however, angered Pitch and Burgundy. They wanted the humans wiped off the planet for causing harm to their "children" due to their beliefs of the Hunderians were seen as spawns from hell.The two wanted a new image, one that would reflect their hatred towards the humans. They renamed themselves, Pitch named himself Dark Helm, due to the black helmet he wore in battle, while Burgundy named himself Atumult due to the complete chaos he caused in his wake. The two soon joined alongside the Hunderians in the war against their "creator's" wishes, causing thousands of causalities with a single blow from their attacks.Astria couldn't handle the amount of destruction the two were causing. She had to do something. Something drastic.


She, with the help of her only loyal subordinate, Grey, defeated Helm by forcing him to remain as the guide for spirits in the purgatory-esque like realm where the deceased would be sorted to their final destination. They then banished Atumult, to the underworld, which was renamed to the Hollow Below. There, he is to keep in line all the awful souls who are sent there. Though Grey did not escape injury free; during their fight with Helm, they had lost an eye. This whole incident had saddened Astria greatly, having to punish the ones she held near and dear to such an extreme, she only wanted them to no longer harm the humans for she still had some compassion for them even though they had done nothing but horrible things to her creations.After banishing her two children, Astria became frantic. She wished that her creations would stop the fighting. But no matter how much she tried to influence them, the majority still wanted the humans gone.So she became reclusive. She had given up hope on the Hunderians, and kept herself distant from them, and Earth in general. She felt as though she had tainted the planet she so thoroughly enjoyed.Grey, being her only remaining companion now, stayed by her side.

Hunderian Info

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A Hunderian at first glance doesn't appear to look much different than a human. But there is several things about Hunderians that separate the two races.- For one: Hunderians are large.
The "human" form of Hunderians is usually tall compared to humans on average. Their height for an adult is normally between 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters) to around 6 feet 7 inches (2.01 meters). Though Hunderians shorter than that are possible, just not as common.
- Hunderians have the strength and speed that are greater than humans. The average measure of their power is around three to four grown adult men. When it comes to speed, the average is around 50 mph (80.47 kph), the fastest known to be around 65 mph (104.61 kph) by one of the former Tetrad members of Saraka.

- Another thing: Hunderians live longer than humans.
Hunderians have a longer life span, living around 120 to 150 years. A child grows up at the same speed as a human child, around age 20 being the point where they would stop growing as rapidly.
Their body would then start slowing to a crawl in terms of aging, looking the same relatively til around they get to 85 to 110 years old, where the Hunderian would then start showing signs of aging like wrinkles.
When it comes to their dog form, they start growing grey/white fur around their muzzles like actual dogs do when they get up in age.

- Relationship wise: Hunderians don't differentiate types of romantic/sexual relations. Terms used to define different sexualities don't exist for them, just being referred to as "a relationship". If a human were to come up to a Hunderian and call them "gay", they'd have no idea what they're talking about. This is because these terms/labels are purely a human concept, so Hunderians never use them since they don't know about them.

- Hunderians in their human/normal forms can communicate with dog sounds.
They can bark, growl, howl, and make all sorts of other noises. Sometimes it's necessary for certain events, like funerals or birthdays.

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Hunderians experience heat like actual dogs. But it's not the complete same.
For one, male Hunderians experience rut. Actual dogs do not go through rut, but Hunderians do as sort of a balance to those who have to experience heat.A Hunderian in heat will experience a heightened sense of arousal, sometimes to the point that it's uncomfortable since it's a constant sensation. They release a faint scent that others could notice. It doesn't send those who can smell it into a horny craze, but mainly just intrigued. This period is also the only time a Hunderian could get pregnant.

- The scent could be masked. If someone's heat/rut is mild, specially made scents can be sprayed to cover it. If it's more extreme, suppressants have to be taken.- Normally the first couple of days, it is just the scent that is released. After that, it functions more like a menstrual cycle. Heat happens every month and usually lasts around a week.- Rut is essentially the same, excluding menstruation.

- If a couple has been with each other for long enough and formed a strong emotional bond, their heat/rut cycles sync up. The scent released by them is stronger but is only detectable by their significant other.

Canine Form

- A Hunderian's canine form is what of course is the most iconic part of them. Their appearances resemble actual dog breeds that exist, though Hunderians don't refer to each other as those breed names.
The canine form's height is much larger than normal dogs, usually rivaling the height of their "human" form. This means that most Hunderians in their canine form are big enough to ride like a horse!

- The ability to transform onto the canine form is imbued with magical properties. They are able to transform into it at will, without the risk of clothing being destroyed. Things like hair colors and scars are translated to the canine form, but things like accessories can be brought over as well if the Hunderian wishes to.
Things like shedding do occur, so cleaning up around the house is a bit more demanding. Though when it comes to the growth of the fur, it isn't much of a concern. A Hunderian's fur grows at a similar pace as normal dogs, and who are "breeds" that have longer coats usually have them trimmed once the summer months come in.

- Things like the heightened sense of smell and hearing are translated over to the human form as well. It's not as strong as it would be in their dog form, but still about five times better than a human.


- All Hunderians have small levels of magical ability naturally. This is what is used for them to transform between their regular and canine forms, without risk of destruction of clothing or causing pain to the body.
However, those who wish to increase their magic abilities are able to through training. In order to do so, the first thing one has to do is to form a connection with the goddess Astria through communication. Once that is established, the person would practice through private teachings, whether it be from ancient books passed down, or from Astria herself.

- Magic-users who reach a certain level of prowess will have an unnatural eye color.

- A Hunderian with a higher level of magic can bend it to whatever they wish, as long as it is within the realms of the guidelines placed by Astria. One can increase their strength, form objects like tools out of aura or telekinesis. Though there are limits with magic, that are deemed forbidden for Hunderians to try to do:
-Using magic for any sort of crime
-Using magic to cause any sort of bodily harm
-Using magic to alter one's self out of selfish or malicious intent
Any Hunderian that is found to be using their abilities in this fashion gets branded with a mark on their body. It will essentially let anyone know that they aren't good people. This does end up making life hard for those who wish to better themselves, but can be removed if said person is able to redeem themselves.

- Sometimes, there are Hunderian magic users that use their powers in ways worse than those who simply have a mark. These people end up having their magic corrupting them, causing certain forms of deformities like changes in eye color or gnarly teeth. These changes are irreversible, so they become a permanent feature of their appearance.


Astria is the god of the Hunderians. It is common for people to talk to her on a daily basis about any issues they feel they just want to have handled. Though due to her guilt caused by the conflict, Astria doesn't do anything to help these folk. She's afraid to cause any more possible harm.

- In terms of what happens when a Hunderian dies, it depends on their actions in their lives, like in many other religions. There are two places one can go: Astria's Hearth, or the Hollow Below. When a Hunderian dies, their spirit will be brought by Dark Helm to a realm that resembles a crossroad in a white void. If they lived an overall positive, good life, Grey brings them to Astria's Hearth. They get to live a comfy life in a paradise-like place for the rest of eternity.Though, those who have done horrible deeds in their lives, Atumult comes and drags them down to the Hollow Below. These people don't get tortured or anything like that, but they are sent to wander a black void, where the only other thing they can see is other residents of the Hollow. Another main thing is that those who live here are focused to live with the pain from or the actual injuries/ailments they may have suffered at death.

- Spirits from the Hearth are allowed to occasionally roam the earth to interact with their loved ones. So they are never truly gone. Only so many can appear in the living world at a time, to prevent a sort of "imbalance" as Astria would say. But no one really knows what she means by this.

Afterlife Realms

There are no clear depictions of what the afterlife is due to the gods wanting it to remain a secret. But it doesn't stop those taking guesses as to what they would look like.

To the mortals, Astria's Hearth appears as an infinite palace that rests on a hill. From the outside, it looks like a regular place. But inside, it is endless, countless rooms and halls with all sorts of facilities in there.

Meanwhile, the Hollow Below is just an empty black void, filled with a red fog. Stones jut down from the ceiling, being the only visible thing. There's nothing there, just a bunch of mangled souls aimlessly wandering around in nothingness.In these realms, the gods can exist in their true forms.

Beliefs and Holidays

Despite having direct connections to the gods, Hunderians have developed their own beliefs and associations with Astria and them in the early years.

Grey's Flight
It's believed that whenever a comet flies in the night sky, it was Grey carrying it across in space like a chariot. They're known as the fastest of the three sub gods, so Hunderians felt that they were the only one capable of the speed that the comets fly at. While this initially was true, Grey caught word of this and wanted to humor the mortals.
One night in March hundreds of years ago, a massive meteor shower rained over that lasted for ten minutes. The sight startled and intrigued the humans who saw it, but the Hunderians believed Grey was putting on a show. After a few more years of this, the Hunderians figured this is a new yearly event and based a holiday around it.
Grey's Holiday is in the first quarter, during March.
People celebrate by setting up viewing spots around in the highest areas in or near their towns. Around 10 pm, the meteor shower starts, everyone gathers around and watches it. People would wave around sparklers and poppers when the show is over.

Atumult's Strength
It's believed that Atumult's pure anger towards the human race fuels the heat of the sun. He can be very explosive and dangerous, and his red fur gives off the feeling of fire. The angrier Atumult gets, the hotter the sun gets. July is when the sun is at its peak, so Hunderians joke that he hates the month of July. They wish to calm him down, by celebrating his honor in being their protector from the humans since it was initially him who wanted to free the Hunderians from the massacre.
Atumult's Holiday is in the middle of the year, during July.
People celebrate by adorning their doors, statues, or even themselves with replicas of his skull face for a week as tribute. Sometimes children will run around pretending to be Atumult with their little hand-made skulls and capes. Those who live in the southern hemisphere where it would be winter during July, pay tribute to Atumult for him to bring back the warmth soon.

Helm's Scorn
Dark Helm, despite not being the most dangerous of the gods, is the most ominous. He's believed to be the dark side of the moon due to his black fur. He is also the "gatekeeper" to the afterlife, so people can believe he can let spirits, even the vile ones, out whenever he wishes. The idea of this scares people, especially considering this has happened once before.
A dispute happened between Grey and Helm, and in response, Helm released some spirits out of the Hollow Below out of spite. It quickly turned sour, the spirits scaring the mortals by their appearance. Helm quickly wrangled them back to where they belong, but the event scarred the Hunderians, wishing to never let that happen again.
Helm's Holiday is in the last quarter of the year, during October.
People celebrate by decorating everything in violet and gold, and making specialty drinks since Helm enjoys alcohol the most out of the four. There's a particular drink called "Fang of Helm" that's made from several kinds of fruit juices and liquor. It's claimed to be made by Helm himself that Hunderians learned how to recreate it themselves for this holiday.

Astria's Gift
Astria is the Hunderian creator. She's a mother to all, and despite her faults, she is still very much loved. She's willing to help those who wish to better themselves in the world of magic and to lend an ear to those who want to vent. Astria wishes she could do more, but with the restrictions the council of gods placed, there is very little she can. But Hunderians like to think that she's helping in other ways, like bringing in the new year for them.
Astria's Holiday is at the end of the year, during December.
People celebrate by hosting parties to celebrate the new year, eating food and drinking champagne, setting off fireworks once the new year comes. People would sometimes give each other gifts as an appreciation for spending the year with them.

"The Council of Gods"

The Council of Gods is the collection of all the Gods that exist for planet Earth.

Each general group of species has a God that created them. Canines have their own, avians have one, reptiles have one, and so on.

Humans have their own God as well, but after some discourse with the human race due to interactions with them, the Council made a rule that forbids an excessive amount of communication with the earthly creations. Because of this, the humans grew to become curious as to how they came to be over time due to not really record recording at this point. The small instances in their God would appear made them believe that there is some sort of God, but that it was this one that created everything instead. This "confusion" is what caused religions to form due to many different beliefs sprouting from these encounters appearing in various different ways.

Astria was the newest God to come to power. The Council, not really knowing what else could be made, gave her free reign to try any existing ideas or whatever new ones she could come up with.

She was enamored by the relationship between dog and man, so much so that it inspired her to create the Hunderian race. But as it's already known, conflict stirred up with the humans. After this incident, the Council put its foot down. They allowed a bit of leniency for Astria to mess around, but it was now completely forbidden to interact with the mortals.Despite this new law, Astria, and her sub gods, speak with those on Earth in secret...

Society/Societal Norms

- Hunderian societies are kind of similar to how human ones are. They have stores, schools, facilities and the like that would appear very familiar to us. How their town structures were formed is not entirely known. Some say there were Hunderians who snuck into human societies and observing how things worked. Others say it's just parallel thinking. It's more than likely a combination of the two, plus assistance from humans who genuinely love to help.
Tensions towards humans have lessened a bit, but they still wish to stay in their separate bubbles due to still being wary of humans. Hunderians are very much aware of their modern destructive ways when it comes to things like the environment, other livings being, or even within their own kind.
Hunderians try to live in a more peaceful and healthier way, looking for more sustainable methods for creating and using certain things.

- There are several things that are specific to Hunderian life.
For one, their version of a barbershop, but combined with a "pet groomers".
While hair color changes are something that automatically transfers over to the canine form, hairstyles don't. A Hunderian can go to these salons to get a new hair cut in their regular form one day or come back to take care of their shedding fur in their dog form. So they're facilities that house hair/fur grooming services for both forms.

- Another thing, cropping is a thing among Hunderians.
Ear and tail cropping for pet dogs is a controversial and usually frowned upon topic with humans, but with Hunderians, it's a form of cosmetic surgery. There's no real benefit to having crops done, it's pretty much just because someone wants it done. Cropped ears can be seen as more intimidating looking, same as how humans feel with dogs.

- It's normal to see half of the Hunderian citizens in their regular form, while the other half is just roaming around in their dog form. It's easy to move around and do business in either form.

- Dog statues are common sights in a Hunderian town/city. Whether as giant monuments or as little home decorations.

Hunderian mayors

Every Hunderian town has a mayor that runs it. But the way they come into power is not the same way mayors in human civilizations would.Starting from Townsend Stensen of Saraka, the next mayor is pretty much passed down to the oldest child, kind of like a monarchy.

Do Hunderians not have a problem with this method?It sounds like it could be disastrous. Only the same family gets to stay in power without any new blood giving new thoughts and opinions on how things should work. But Hunderians are far more trusting of each other and are less prone to corruption than humans, so they tend to be content with this. They have this sort of thought "Well this family helped found this place, they should know what to do."

So all Hunderian societies work like this?It is possible for this to not be the way of acquiring new mayors. If the next in line wishes to not become mayor, the town/city can adopt the concept of elections, which would work similarly to how we know of them.

Hunderian Branding

When it comes to advertising, brands and such, a lot of it uses dog imagery. Whether it's anthropomorphic or regular quadraped, dogs are used a lot in branding. Sometimes their regular form is used, as well as other animals could be paired with dogs, but canines are the common subject matter.Below are a few examples of posters and logos that one would see in an average Hunderian town.

The Doberman and the Beagle logo

Jackel Clothing logo

Patchwork Pooch logo

Rowlanes Bowling logo

City of Saraka

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Saraka is the city the main story takes place in.It is a secluded city, surrounded by trees on one side, and water on the other. Despite it appearing to be shut off to the world, it's the most well-known Hunderian city for it being the innovator of Hunderian life. The first mayor was the one to spread the idea of forming the Tetrad. A lot of shipments to other cities come through Saraka through its ports. It is also the biggest Hunderian city. Hunderian towns/cities are smaller in comparison to human-made ones, mainly due to there still being a small amount of Hunderians left.
Though unfortunately, since the invasion, ships had to direct other port towns that were more out of the way, and the secludedness of the city made it easier for Reggie to block the outside world out.


While other Hunderian societies continue to function normally, the main city of Saraka was not fortunate in that regard. After Reggie took over, he formed a line of workers under him called "sweepers."

What is a sweeper?Sweepers are henchmen who patrol the streets of the city, doing a "sweep" of sorts, "cleaning up" any wrongdoing they come across.

There are two different kinds of sweepers: Patrol Sweeper and Business Sweeper.- Patrol Sweepers are the ones who walk the streets and enforce the laws set by Reggie. They are always seen in their dog forms, as it makes it easier to run around at fast speeds, intimidate and punish people through violence.- Business Sweepers are the ones who run stores, facilities, hospitals, and others things like that. They essentially control everything in the city, making sure things run the way Reggie wants. They're always in their regular form, due to them not needing to fight.

The most iconic piece of clothing on a sweeper is the helmet. They serve two major functions:
- Intimidation. The helmet covers the wearer's eyes, so it makes it harder to read their expressions. The bright red color also comes off as scary looking to those who see it, some say it reminds them of blood.
- Information. The helmets are more hi-tech than they look, storing a database inside them, containing information about all the citizens of Saraka. This is used to keep track of people, getting a better idea of how much resources people should receive according to their family size, and whatever else Reggie wishes.

How are Sweepers recruited?Sweepers are rarely recruited voluntarily. If they are, it is because they were at the risk of being punished by Reggie and basically begged to be spared by requesting to join him.A lot of the sweepers were brought in at the time of the invasion, threatened by Reggie to follow him or suffer an awful death.Another rare occasion is a person wishing to join because they either: 1. Feel safer being on the side of Reggie despite not agreeing with him or 2. Actually believing Reggie is in the right. Though the latter is very, very uncommon.

What about a sweeper's loved ones?Since these people pretty much are plucked away, their family and friends wonder what became of them. But considering the condition the city is in right now, they assume that their loved one has passed. And Reggie makes sure these people continue to believe that.

What Happened After That?

With their numbers greatly diminishing, the Hunderians had to hide from the humans, limiting their use of their transforming ability. They tried blending into human society, controlling their canine behavior, and masking any signs of them being 'non-human'. This little plan had worked for a number of years, but soon the humans were picking up odd quirks some of the citizens had, figuring out who was who, and started to commit a large slaughtering of the Hunderians. Their numbers dwindled, the surviving members fled and formed their own cities around the world to hide themselves away. The two groups remained to live separate to even now in present day.One city in particular, however, named Saraka, became the staple for all the Hunderians societies, due to the people living in such a well-organized and flourishing community. The governments of the other towns followed in its footsteps, wanting their citizens to live fulfilling lives. A man named Townsend Stensen, the mayor of said city had wanted to end the feud between the two races ever since he first established Saraka. He felt as though it was tiresome and ridiculous to in such fear every day, so he wanted to show humans that his race wasn't all bad, and vice versa to his fellow members. He decided that his city should set an example since Saraka was universally admired by the other towns, so it only seemed fitting.

Townsend's first step by forming a group of four trustworthy members of his council called The Tetrad to send this idea across many cities as well as protect Saraka. This became a tradition for the city, passing down many generations in the Stensen family up till the most recent member, Damien. Still keeping the idea alive, having his own Tetrad, and even being a part of the group himself, his new tweaks to it made some Hunderians think he's going too far and was becoming a bit too close with the humans. This ended up causing several riots throughout town, people getting kicked out, and soon Damien's eventual murder from the son of an old rival, and now current dictator of Saraka, Reggie Stolm.For the past almost 20 years, Saraka, once being the most beautiful, thriving city out of all Hunderian societies, is now a barren wasteland, a hollow shell of its former glory. Technological advances in this city have halted, any sort of technology that can be seen as tools for delivering propaganda against the dictator has been removed from all places in Saraka, including mobile devices, televisions, radios, and any device similar to those. No one is allowed to enter the city, as well as no one is allowed to leave. Vehicles have also been removed as they are seen to provide ease for escaping the town. Sweepers, who are Hunderians appointed by Reggie himself, almost like his own version of the Tetrad, patrol the streets to see if anyone is violating any laws. Anyone who does is executed instantly, no matter how minor the offense may be. Citizens would even be executed if Reggie was "just simply bored of them" or "for his entertainment." As much as the people hated him, they feared him more so and were afraid to take any sort of action towards him, even the remainder of the Tetrad, who went into hiding after failing to protect their leader, were reluctant to do anything.

Except for Thomas Hotoke, the son of one of the remaining members of the Tetrad, who decides that something should be done about it…The story focuses on different characters' lives in the current situation of the city, with Thomas trying to overthrow Reggie as the primary storyline.

How is Hunderian being told?

The story is told in a visual novel-style way. It is not completely route-based like most, but choices are given to dead ends and for different dialogues to learn about different characters/events.The initial story of Hunderian was started back in 2009 but didn't start work as a visual novel until January of 2020.It is currently in production, if you wish to follow its progress, you can follow the Kofi or Tumblr account linked at the top of the page.
If you wish to aid the production of the game, you can through the Ko-fi link! Any money would go to hiring additional help if possible. But you are not obligated to donate/pledge.
There is no estimated time for the full game to be completed, so no dates will be posted until the VN is about 95% or so completed. When it is completed, the "game" will be linked on this page for download. The story will be released in parts, Parts 1 through 4 will be posted separately, Part 5 will be released alongside the full polished story.Future storylines will most likely be done through comics. There's currently no set platform it will be for it to be posted.

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